We all have those moments where our minds go completely blank and we can’t find any motivation to get done what we actually need to get done. Breaking out of it can be tough because more often than not I end up procrastinating finding ways to stop procrastinating. It’s a vicious cycle, but hopefully by following these tips we can all get on with our lives!

Give yourself breaks
When it comes to work or revision there’s little point forcing yourself to just sit down for hours and stare at a screen or a piece of paper because you’re just going to grow tired of it within a few minutes. Allow yourself a 5 minute break every half an hour, or after you’ve written a certain amount of words so you can take yourself away from what you’re doing. Everyone works differently however, so you need to find what works best for you. Perhaps you work better getting as much done as you can initially rather than stepping away regularly? As long as you manage your time efficiently that’s all that really matters.

Get organised
We all know, whether we like it or not, that planning what you need to do and organising yourself makes everything easier. Creating a simple to do list can help to break down your tasks into simple steps, so you’re not struggling on where or how to start. Seeing as most of us probably spend the majority of our time on our phones, try and make use of some of it’s features like the built in ‘Reminders’ apple app where you can create custom lists and check off what you’ve done. Or, check your phone or tablet’s app store and you’ll soon stumble upon some free organisational apps to download!


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Get creative

If what you need to get done is relatively dull and you go about doing it in a simplistic way then it’s not going toΒ make it any easier. Whether it’s simply using colour in your notes or putting a timer on yourself to get it done as fast as possible, put some creativity into the task and hopefully it’ll take some of the pain away.

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Give yourself incentives

Let’s all be honest, nothing drives us to wanting to do something more than knowing we can get something out of it at the end. So, give yourself an incentive to work so that you can get through it knowing you can reward yourself at the end. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, so don’t go buying yourself a new car for doing the washing up (unless you can afford to). It can be as simple as watching an episode of your favourite TV show or opening a box of chocolates, whatever would work for you try it out and see if it helps to motivate you. If not, eat the chocolates anyway in remorse of it not working.

Hopefully at least 1 of these tips will help with your procrastination, if not then I’m sorry that you’ve probably procrastinated by reading this post. Thank you for reading anyway and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any comments or questions!

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