I’m With Amber because victims shouldn’t be afraid to speak up.

I’m With Amber because victims shouldn’t be assumed to be liars.

I’m With Amber because no case of abuse should ever be justified or defended.

I’m With Amber because our support for all victims of abuse should be shown.

Late last week it was brought to the headlines that Amber Heard had filed for divorce with Johnny Depp, and it later arose that she had made a claim of domestic violence against him, which was taken to court where she was then rightfully granted a restraining order.

Photographic evidence also emerged of Amber’s bruised face, it was stated that this was where Depp had hit his phone against her. She also brought forward previous encounters of both physical and verbal abuse throughout their marriage.

For full details of the story and evidence you can read here.

Almost instantly, people swept to Depp’s defence claiming that “he could never do such a thing” and “she must be lying”, without even giving it a second thought.

Amber Heard has recorded evidence of the attack(s), she contacted the police, has witnesses to the assaults, filed for divorce, has taken it to court, has been granted a restraining order and she is fighting to get away from her abuser. She took all the necessary and advised steps that a person should do in the situation…Yet, people’s first instinct is still to believe it’s a lie?

The media (and public) are constantly emphasising how important it is for victims to speak out about abuse, yet when they do, they’re hounded for it and branded as liars. The same happened when Kesha came forward and also after Chris Brown’s attack on Rihanna, and the exact same thing is happening now Amber has spoken up.

The amount of courage it must take to be able to speak up about abuse is unimaginable and until you’re put in that situation, you have no idea what it feels like. Not only have you got the trauma of the events embedded into you and the fear of your abuser – but there’s then the added pressure of coming out with it. So imagine the strength it must have taken for her to not only take it to the police, but also having known it would be brought to the whole world’s attention too.

Then imagine seeing everyone instantly tear you apart for it and disregard your claims.

What hope does that give for other victims? Seeing that this is what happens when you speak up? Would you really rather people bottle it up and live a life of fear, than stand up for themselves?

If the media’s victim-blaming wasn’t already enough, they’re also being outrageously biphobic about her. Are they really trying to use her being bisexual to defend his actions? Or to invalidate and villainize her? Because either way it’s ridiculously offensive and completely unnecessary.

“Bye bi, Amber: Johnny Depp ‘driven insane over fears his wife had cheated on him with supermodel Cara Delevigne'”, “Did Amber Heard’s lesbian friends have an impact on her marriage?” and other constant referrals to Amber as just his “bisexual wife” are just a few of the reports being made all over the press. Trying to claim that a person cannot be faithful to their partner just because of their sexuality, is disgusting. In fact to put it simply, any biphobic reports you are making  in general are disgusting.

Her sexuality may be related in the fact that 61% of women who report abuse identify as bisexual, which is an alarmingly high statistic and definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, yet the media decide to take a negative and offensive approach instead.

Amber has been granted a restraining order against Depp, showing the legal system supports her and that there is clearly sufficient evidence against him for them to do so. Yet, people are STILL insisting that she MUST be lying?

Just because you may have formed your own opinion of a person, does not mean you necessarily have any understanding of what they could be like behind closed doors. And this goes for any abusers. They can put on a front. They can have more than one side to them. Just because a person has encounters of being giving and kind, does not mean they aren’t necessarily capable of being anything other than that.

I see that people are proclaiming he should be “innocent until proven guilty”, and when you have been a fan of someone for so long and had a certain perception of them, it can be hard to see them in a different way. But do you not understand how important the need for victim support is compared to that?

Imagine how horrifying it must be for anyone who’s been watching all these reports and who is a victim themselves, seeing the onslaught of hate for Amber Heard just over her coming forward and the influx of support there is for an abuser. What confidence does that give them? What reassurance does it provide?

This is not something we should be showing to those people, we should be showing that in any case, the victim should be supported. That it’s okay to speak up. That you are not alone and that your case will be heard. This is a worldwide issue and how it’s represented and reported means much more than anyone could ever possibly imagine.

If you want more information on domestic abuse, are experiencing it yourself, or know of anyone who is – you may be able to find sufficient help at one of these two websites:

National Domestic Violence Hotline 
Victim Support

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