We all want results. Every single one of us is working towards something, whether consciously or subconsciously and no matter how small or big, there is something that we are wanting to achieve. But more often than not it’s easier said than done. Envisioning the results is the simple part, however actually pushing yourself to produce them can be so much harder.

Start by asking yourself what gives you the worst feeling, failure or working? Sure, putting the effort in and spending time on something that you don’t particularly want to do and that you know isn’t going to be very engaging isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world, but if it means getting the results you want (and more importantly deserve) then surely it’s worth it? I personally hate the feeling of failure. Whether it’s been on an exam, work assignment or even your driving test we’ve all experienced it. I know there are a minority out there who don’t particularly care if they fail, either that or they don’t show it, but if there was a way to prevent it isn’t it worth giving it a try? So think about it. Ask yourself, are you happy to do nothing about it and be more likely to fail? Or are you going to push yourself and produce the results?

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Envision where you want to be and picture the outcome that you desire. Sometimes the best motivation can be simply imagining something happening, as when we do it puts it into perspective and suddenly becomes more desirable as we want it to become real. It could be that you’ve started going to the gym and are finding it difficult to maintain a steady amount of motivation to actually put the time and effort in, but when you picture yourself being your ideal weight or appearance you can keep that image in mind every time you work out and do so until it’s no longer just a vision. Try and apply this concept to your own situation!

Now this may seem like on odd tactic, but try imaging that it’s someone close to you who’s trying to achieve something that you know they really want and deserve, rather than yourself. If you had a close friend or family member who you knew was failing to put in the necessary work to get something done, you’d pick up on it and give them encouragement to go and do it, because seeing them fail when it could be so easily avoided would be hard to watch. So why can’t you do the same for yourself? If you know you wouldn’t let someone else do it then realize that it doesn’t make it justifiable for you.

I know it can be easier said than done, especially when the procrastination kicks in, but if you do want to produce results it’s important to really push yourself to get it done. Try putting a couple of these tips into action and see what works best for you, personally the idea of failure is enough to motivate me, but maybe something different will inspire you! Just remember what you can be capable of if you put the effort in and hopefully the results you undoubtedly deserve will come your way.

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