Hello to anyone who may be reading this, whether you’ve just stumbled across this website or heard about it directly, thank you for even reading to the end of this sentence.

I won’t bore you all with my life story, so feel free to read the about page if you want a bit of an insight!

With the help of Jacob Whitmore this site has been created to help motivate people who maybe unsure of what they’re doing or how to start doing something. Whether it be travelling the world, learning an instrument, getting active or simply picking up a book. Hopefully just by checking out my content every now and again something might interest you, captive you and ultimately inspire you to stop standing still. Through creating blog posts I want to also share insights into my life; things I like, things I want to do and things I’ve already done. This could also include product reviews, weekly playlists and general tips.

At age 18 my experiences may appear limited to the majority, but this isn’t something I want to let restrict me. I’m beginning to embark on dreams and ambitions that just a few months back I didn’t even realise I had, but everyone has to start somewhere – and what a great starting point this is going to be.

My aspiration through this website is for it to ultimately become a successful travel and lifestyle blog and eventually for it to become a brand through the use of an online store, which hopefully will be up and running within a few months if the site takes off. I have also set up a few social media pages for InstagramTwitter and Facebook so feel free to check those out and give them a follow!

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My main inspiration that has ultimately led to me writing this post and creating this site came from a woman called Shonda Rhimes, for those of you who may not be familiar (where have you been?) she created the shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, and last year she published the book Year Of Yes . Her book is all about how she stepped out of her comfort zone and begun saying yes to whatever was thrown her way, rather than declining opportunities that could have truly transformed her.

What significantly stuck out to me was the page “Ditch the dream. Be a doer. Not a dreamer”. Reading this at first glance you may think, similar to my first thoughts, why would you ditch a dream? But reading on I soon begun to realise how this could change my life. “You just have to keep moving forward. You just have to keep doing something, seizing the next opportunity, staying open to trying something new. It doesn’t have to fit your perfect vision of the perfect life.”

Not yet inspired? Just wait.

“You don’t have a job? Get one. ANY JOB. Don’t sit at home waiting for the magical dream opportunity. Who are you? Prince William? No. Get a job. Work. Do until you can do something else.” This is what stuck out to me the most. After leaving college I genuinely had no idea what direction I wanted my life to go in, I wasn’t in work and I was terrified of applying for jobs that I didn’t think were what I wanted to do. But this made me realise, if I put my life on hold by waiting for the dream job I’ll probably be unemployed for the rest of my life. It’s not about perfection, it’s about determination. If you want to get a job then it’s simple, go get one. You never know where it’ll take you. I opened my laptop, went on a job search and now here I am.

I can’t wait to see what time is going to bring for this site and I hope you’ll all stick around. If you have any feedback, questions or general comments then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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