Should We Believe Everything That We Read?

Should We Believe Everything That We Read?

The internet is the go-to source of information for most of us today, with social media being at the forefront. Although it can be a great way to stay up to date with all the latest news and information, it isn’t always the most trustworthy source and more often than not we get roped into believing something that has been completely made-up or manipulated.

Many of us rely on Twitter and Facebook to regularly update us and with its thousands of influencers who we follow and trust, it’s incredibly easy and almost instinctual to just believe that what we’re reading is true, without actually fact-checking and confirming it for ourselves.

Just last year, Twitter user Jonny Sun decided to play a genius little social experiment that exploited just how easily we can be made to believe in something that has been completely made up whilst simultaneously showing how people respond to such information.

This was the tweet:

Pretty believable right?  He created a fake Google search (to show why the stars children are named Willow Smith and Jadan Smith) and immediately people began to spread the post, many hilariously claiming to have already known about it saying “how could you not have realised this?” and others just being shocked over the “revelation”.

Even better is the fact that many of Twitter’s joke accounts began to copy the tweet and posted it as their own, showing how people won’t even double check the facts of what they’re posting about as well as outing the dozens of plagiarists who constantly fail to produce their own work and instead use other people’s without even having the decency to credit them.

This is probably one of my favourite social experiments as it perfectly exploits the issue that’s predominantly present in our society in regards to automatically believing what we read is true, as opposed to taking 10 seconds of our time to double check the facts.

The power of social media really is remarkable, but more often than not it only takes a few shares of a post from a trusted user for it to suddenly go viral and for everyone to get wrapped up into it. Take the endless list of celebrity death hoaxes for example, if you’ve never seen a celebrity’s (fake) death trending on Twitter then where have you been for all these years? It’s quite remarkable how quickly something can spread and how instantly we’re made to believe it.

We’re so heavily reliant on the internet for our information and numerous news sites depend on link clicks and shares to help them make a profit and gain a good following, which is why they continuously come up with clickbait titles saying phrases such as “you won’t believe this!” just to get you to click onto the article. In addition to this, many don’t even check their sources for information and are constantly coming up with stories about celebrities that can’t be backed up and ultimately just cause more harm than good, so perhaps it’s time that we take a little more care in trusting everything that we read and call the publications out on it more.

So, should we believe everything that we read? In my opinion, no, probably not. But whether you choose to believe that is now up to you I guess. But, hopefully this has at least made you think a little more about what you’re reading online and how easily something can be falsely written and widely believed. All it takes is a couple of seconds of your time and a quick Google search to double check and then maybe you can avoid falling for the next social experiment or story.

How to Push Yourself to Produce Results

How to Push Yourself to Produce Results

We all want results. Every single one of us is working towards something, whether consciously or subconsciously and no matter how small or big, there is something that we are wanting to achieve. But more often than not it’s easier said than done. Envisioning the results is the simple part, however actually pushing yourself to produce them can be so much harder.

Start by asking yourself what gives you the worst feeling, failure or working? Sure, putting the effort in and spending time on something that you don’t particularly want to do and that you know isn’t going to be very engaging isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world, but if it means getting the results you want (and more importantly deserve) then surely it’s worth it? I personally hate the feeling of failure. Whether it’s been on an exam, work assignment or even your driving test we’ve all experienced it. I know there are a minority out there who don’t particularly care if they fail, either that or they don’t show it, but if there was a way to prevent it isn’t it worth giving it a try? So think about it. Ask yourself, are you happy to do nothing about it and be more likely to fail? Or are you going to push yourself and produce the results?

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Envision where you want to be and picture the outcome that you desire. Sometimes the best motivation can be simply imagining something happening, as when we do it puts it into perspective and suddenly becomes more desirable as we want it to become real. It could be that you’ve started going to the gym and are finding it difficult to maintain a steady amount of motivation to actually put the time and effort in, but when you picture yourself being your ideal weight or appearance you can keep that image in mind every time you work out and do so until it’s no longer just a vision. Try and apply this concept to your own situation!

Now this may seem like on odd tactic, but try imaging that it’s someone close to you who’s trying to achieve something that you know they really want and deserve, rather than yourself. If you had a close friend or family member who you knew was failing to put in the necessary work to get something done, you’d pick up on it and give them encouragement to go and do it, because seeing them fail when it could be so easily avoided would be hard to watch. So why can’t you do the same for yourself? If you know you wouldn’t let someone else do it then realize that it doesn’t make it justifiable for you.

I know it can be easier said than done, especially when the procrastination kicks in, but if you do want to produce results it’s important to really push yourself to get it done. Try putting a couple of these tips into action and see what works best for you, personally the idea of failure is enough to motivate me, but maybe something different will inspire you! Just remember what you can be capable of if you put the effort in and hopefully the results you undoubtedly deserve will come your way.

Strive for Success

Strive for Success

Success comes in many forms and whether we’re willing to admit it or not, we all strive to have it. Some may associate it with having a multi-million earning career or winning a gold medal in the Olympics, but the underlining truth is that it’s so much broader than that. Just don’t let other people’s standards and opinions diminish your accomplishments. If you truly want to be successful, here is my advice:

Just because something hasn’t worked out the first time doesn’t mean it’s never going to. If you’re truly passionate about it then don’t just give up after one attempt because that won’t get you anywhere and you’re going to be left feeling pretty miserable. Don’t be disheartened by failure because soon enough you’ll be exactly where you’re meant to be and you won’t think twice about the things that didn’t work out.

I’m a firm believer in happiness being the key to success. As cliché as that might sound, I truly feel that as long as you’re happy in what you’re doing then you’re successful, because who can truly say that being stuck in a job you hate, even though it’s earning you money, is successful? So, follow your passion. Even if you’re not 100% sure what exactly it is just keep working to what you deserve and eventually, with the right amount of determination, you’ll get there.

The truth is that you’re only going to get out what you put in. If you have a negative attitude and an effortless approach than you can’t expect to magically see the results you desire. Yes, some people do manage to get far using minimal effort, but then when it comes down to it do they really have what it takes and can they put the work in? If you push yourself from day one then your more than likely going to be ready for anything else that comes your way. Do you think those other people can say the same? Give it your all and hopefully you’ll receive it all.

This is something I used to do all the time and the only place it got me was making me feel worse about myself and I’m sure many of you have been in the same position. We’re not all in sync so you can’t expect to see things happening simultaneously. Just because somebody else has achieved something doesn’t mean that you won’t. Also, don’t undermine yourself just because you believe somebody has achieved something ‘greater’ than you, success comes in many forms and everybody sees it differently.

I hope now you can realise that it doesn’t take much to be successful, but if you follow these tips hopefully you’ll stay on track and continue to strive for success. These are just a few of my thoughts but if you have any others please let me know in the comments!

Tips to Tackle Procrastination

Tips to Tackle Procrastination

We all have those moments where our minds go completely blank and we can’t find any motivation to get done what we actually need to get done. Breaking out of it can be tough because more often than not I end up procrastinating finding ways to stop procrastinating. It’s a vicious cycle, but hopefully by following these tips we can all get on with our lives!

Give yourself breaks
When it comes to work or revision there’s little point forcing yourself to just sit down for hours and stare at a screen or a piece of paper because you’re just going to grow tired of it within a few minutes. Allow yourself a 5 minute break every half an hour, or after you’ve written a certain amount of words so you can take yourself away from what you’re doing. Everyone works differently however, so you need to find what works best for you. Perhaps you work better getting as much done as you can initially rather than stepping away regularly? As long as you manage your time efficiently that’s all that really matters.

Get organised
We all know, whether we like it or not, that planning what you need to do and organising yourself makes everything easier. Creating a simple to do list can help to break down your tasks into simple steps, so you’re not struggling on where or how to start. Seeing as most of us probably spend the majority of our time on our phones, try and make use of some of it’s features like the built in ‘Reminders’ apple app where you can create custom lists and check off what you’ve done. Or, check your phone or tablet’s app store and you’ll soon stumble upon some free organisational apps to download!


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Get creative

If what you need to get done is relatively dull and you go about doing it in a simplistic way then it’s not going to make it any easier. Whether it’s simply using colour in your notes or putting a timer on yourself to get it done as fast as possible, put some creativity into the task and hopefully it’ll take some of the pain away.

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Give yourself incentives

Let’s all be honest, nothing drives us to wanting to do something more than knowing we can get something out of it at the end. So, give yourself an incentive to work so that you can get through it knowing you can reward yourself at the end. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, so don’t go buying yourself a new car for doing the washing up (unless you can afford to). It can be as simple as watching an episode of your favourite TV show or opening a box of chocolates, whatever would work for you try it out and see if it helps to motivate you. If not, eat the chocolates anyway in remorse of it not working.

Hopefully at least 1 of these tips will help with your procrastination, if not then I’m sorry that you’ve probably procrastinated by reading this post. Thank you for reading anyway and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any comments or questions!

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

Hello to anyone who may be reading this, whether you’ve just stumbled across this website or heard about it directly, thank you for even reading to the end of this sentence.

I won’t bore you all with my life story, so feel free to read the about page if you want a bit of an insight!

With the help of Jacob Whitmore this site has been created to help motivate people who maybe unsure of what they’re doing or how to start doing something. Whether it be travelling the world, learning an instrument, getting active or simply picking up a book. Hopefully just by checking out my content every now and again something might interest you, captive you and ultimately inspire you to stop standing still. Through creating blog posts I want to also share insights into my life; things I like, things I want to do and things I’ve already done. This could also include product reviews, weekly playlists and general tips.

At age 18 my experiences may appear limited to the majority, but this isn’t something I want to let restrict me. I’m beginning to embark on dreams and ambitions that just a few months back I didn’t even realise I had, but everyone has to start somewhere – and what a great starting point this is going to be.

My aspiration through this website is for it to ultimately become a successful travel and lifestyle blog and eventually for it to become a brand through the use of an online store, which hopefully will be up and running within a few months if the site takes off. I have also set up a few social media pages for InstagramTwitter and Facebook so feel free to check those out and give them a follow!

Screenshot 2016-02-15 10.54.00Screenshot 2016-02-15 11.00.24Screenshot 2016-02-15 11.04.01

My main inspiration that has ultimately led to me writing this post and creating this site came from a woman called Shonda Rhimes, for those of you who may not be familiar (where have you been?) she created the shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, and last year she published the book Year Of Yes . Her book is all about how she stepped out of her comfort zone and begun saying yes to whatever was thrown her way, rather than declining opportunities that could have truly transformed her.

What significantly stuck out to me was the page “Ditch the dream. Be a doer. Not a dreamer”. Reading this at first glance you may think, similar to my first thoughts, why would you ditch a dream? But reading on I soon begun to realise how this could change my life. “You just have to keep moving forward. You just have to keep doing something, seizing the next opportunity, staying open to trying something new. It doesn’t have to fit your perfect vision of the perfect life.”

Not yet inspired? Just wait.

“You don’t have a job? Get one. ANY JOB. Don’t sit at home waiting for the magical dream opportunity. Who are you? Prince William? No. Get a job. Work. Do until you can do something else.” This is what stuck out to me the most. After leaving college I genuinely had no idea what direction I wanted my life to go in, I wasn’t in work and I was terrified of applying for jobs that I didn’t think were what I wanted to do. But this made me realise, if I put my life on hold by waiting for the dream job I’ll probably be unemployed for the rest of my life. It’s not about perfection, it’s about determination. If you want to get a job then it’s simple, go get one. You never know where it’ll take you. I opened my laptop, went on a job search and now here I am.

I can’t wait to see what time is going to bring for this site and I hope you’ll all stick around. If you have any feedback, questions or general comments then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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