Are You Supporting the Race for Life?

Are You Supporting the Race for Life?

The Race for Life is a UK event undertaken by women all across the country, raising money for Cancer Research to help fund the fight for a cure for cancer. To this date, over £547 million has been raised for the charity through the Race for Life and this number is continuing to increase each and every year.

Whether you’re a runner, jogger or walker – the race is open to you. Perhaps you know someone fighting a battle with cancer, or perhaps you’re fighting one yourself. Maybe you’ve lost someone close to you or you simply want to help a cause that’s fighting for a cure. Whatever your reason and whatever your story – you can support the Race for Life.

I’ve just signed up for the race this year with my mum, making it the 8th year in a row that we will have taken part in the event. A 5K run is absolutely nothing compared to the awful experiences that thousands of men and women have to go through when battling cancer, so we don’t even need to contemplate whether or not to do it.

Having known people who have lost their battle to cancer and who are fighting through it currently also helps to motivate us both to sign up each year and to try and do our bit for the cause.

There are nearly 300 different races across the UK, so you’re sure to be able to find your nearest event. Maybe you’re content with running it by yourself but also try and see if you can get as many people involved as you can, perhaps sign up with a group of friends, colleagues or even some family members. As well as it being for an incredible cause, it also makes for a really fun and atmospheric day out!


If you can’t take part in the Race for Life, you can still show your support by donating online to the charity. Any donation, no matter how big or small, would be a great contribution to helping the fight for cancer.

My mum and I have set up our own individual Race for Life Just Giving page where we will be raising money (all of the money goes directly to the charity), so if you do want to make a donation you can also do that by clicking the link below!

JustGiving - Sponsor me and support the Race for Life!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I may have inspired at least a few people to help support the Race for Life, if you’re unable to undertake the race or donate then hopefully you’re at least a little bit more informed on what it is and you can give it a go next year!

Why It’s Time to Break Down Gender Norms and Stereotypes

Why It’s Time to Break Down Gender Norms and Stereotypes

We’ve heard it all before. “Blue is for boys, pink is for girls”. “You can’t have that, it’s a boys toy”. “You can’t wear that, it’s too ‘girly'”. Colours, toys, just about everything you could possibly think of is having a gender put onto it. If a baby boy is born then he’s got to be given a blue balloon. If a young girl wants to take part in a sport, it should be dance or gymnastics. If a young boy wants to take part in a sport, it should be football. What year is this? 1832?

For some people and parents, it’s pretty instinctual as it’s just what’s naturally been integrated into them from birth, so they often do these things subconsciously. Most of us probably don’t mean to do it, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be changed and that it’s acceptable. I can’t even count all the times I’ve been in a shop and witnessed someone depriving their son or daughter of a certain item just because they consider it to be more suited for the other gender. It’s an inanimate object. A simple piece of plastic or fabric. Why do you need to put a gender on that?

But this isn’t just an issue amongst parents and their children. Gender stereotypes have been present in society for many years and it’s high time we pushed to break them down. These stereotypes are present in every aspect of our lives, including our careers.

If a woman wants to be a mechanic or a boxer it’s deemed “unfeminine”. If a man wants to be a nurse or even a stay-at-home dad it’s considered “unmasculine”. The ideas of masculinity and femininity in my eyes are completed fabricated by society and there is no logical reason as to why certain characteristics and behaviours should be categorised to specific genders. How about we stop restricting people from pursuing their passions and just let them get on with it instead?

Wear what you want, do what you want. Don’t feel restricted by what society deems to be a gender norm.

This issue is all the more relevant in the wake of Prince’s death too, his legacy of breaking down gender norms and opening people’s minds up to the whole spectrum is an incredible part of history that shan’t be forgotten. His bold fashion statements not only allowed him to embrace himself, but also opened up thousands of minds to the idea of breaking away from “gender rules”.

Gender goes so far beyond just male and female and society has slowly been growing to accept that, although this isn’t to say that it’s not still an issue that needs to be massively fought for. Gender is a spectrum. Open your eyes and realise this. Some people may identify as agender, some gender fluid and others transgender. Whatever your identity, you should still be accepted and not shoved aside by society for not fitting into what has traditionally been considered to be the norm.

Anatomy does not always define gender. Not everyone’s gender corresponds to their biological sex and by asserting gender roles onto a child from a young age and even continuing it into adulthood it can often make expression and a feeling of acceptance much harder for them compared to that of a cisgender individual.

By eliminating these roles and stereotypes, the judgement that is being placed upon everyone on the spectrum can hopefully be removed and acceptance and happiness can hopefully overrule and the world may become a slightly better place to live in.

So keep your mind wide open and allow for stereotypes to be defied. Express yourself in whatever way you wish and allow others to do the same. Don’t make anyone afraid to stand up and stand out for who they are and who they want to be.

Why We Need to Put an End to Persistent Body-Shaming

Why We Need to Put an End to Persistent Body-Shaming

If you’re active on social media or regularly check up with various news outlets, you’ll more than likely be up to date with the regular body-shaming of both male and female celebrities in the media, or maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself. Whatever the case may be, it’s an awful trend that needs to stop.

Just last night, the Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller spoke out about a body shaming Facebook meme of himself and how seeing it affected him and reminded him of a dark point in his life when he was suicidal saying “the first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have to admit, it hurt to breathe” as not only is it offensive, but it reminded him of the struggle he was experiencing mentally at the time the photo was taken.

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time. This one, however, stands out from the…

Posted by Wentworth Miller on Monday, 28 March 2016

I think for some people it’s often easy to forget that celebrities are genuine people who can get just as easily hurt by negativity as the rest of us.

Just because a person may not conform to societies ridiculous and idealistic standards of image does not make them any less worthy or deserving of our respect. Only you get to decide how you want your body to look, if you’re happy and comfortable with it then I have the up-most respect for you and so should everyone else. If you don’t like something about yourself and openly decide to change that, then the same goes. Just don’t let other peoples opinions dictate how you choose to live or look.

Wentworth Miller,We posted two pictures of you last night to our Facebook page, but today we want to say we’ve got…

Posted by The LAD Bible on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Just last month, Kim Kardashian was hounded by the press and the public for posting a nude (yet censored) selfie of herself on social media. Did she do it for fun? Maybe. For attention? Who cares. Because it’s her own body and she has the right to share it if she’s proud of it? Most likely. Whatever the reason, it’s absolutely none of our business. If you want to slut-shame her, sexualize her or simply just judge her for it then that’s your own issue and you should perhaps consider the fact that just because you may not feel comfortable sharing that kind of photo of yourself, doesn’t necessarily make it wrong if someone else does.

Feeling confident in your body is already a hard enough thing to tackle, so can you imagine if then everyone around you started shaming you for looking a certain way or even judging you for actually managing to feel confident enough to share images of yourself?

And I think it’s fair to say that women are subject to a significantly larger portion of body-shaming than men, just take a look at the insane double standards in the media when a male’s shirtless photo goes viral compared to that of a woman showing off her body.

But this is not just an issue for women, as Wentworth Miller has clearly pointed out here and it’s time we all put an end to body-shaming.

If one good thing has come out of what he’s just had to face, it’s that he’s used his voice to pass on a message of hope and encouragement to anyone else who’s suffered from depression stating “I get to assign meaning. And the meaning I assign to this/ my image is strength. Healing. Forgiveness.” If you do need help, please know that it’s available:

So before you create a post, share something or make a comment body-shaming another person, think about it. Think about how disrespectful, insulting and unnecessary it actually is. Think about how you’d feel if someone made those kinds of remarks about you. Think about it and then maybe you’ll realise something needs to be done about it.

Another Year Around the Sun

Another Year Around the Sun

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, known to some as just the start of another month but to me – my birthday! My 19th year around the sun. I’m constantly amazed at how fast each year goes and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact it’s my last year as a teenager, so I’m going to make it my aim to thoroughly enjoy and make the most of each day to the best of my ability.

So much has happened in just this past year and I hope those who are reading this can look back and say the same too. If not, then starting from now why don’t you set yourself some goals so you can see what you’ve achieved, what was unexpected and what didn’t work out a year from now. That way, you know you’re working towards something and you can push yourself to succeed (something I wrote about just last week!).

Personally, there’s so much I’d love to go and do and my bucket list seems to be getting longer by the second, but I truly can’t wait to see how this website is going to be doing a year from now!

I’ve never really been a massive birthday enthusiast or celebrator but I still do love going out and doing something to mark the occasion. However it’s always a pain when it falls on a weekday, so yesterday I went on a walk through the Derbyshire countryside near to where I live and despite the freezing cold weather it was a lovely day out and a great place to be able to switch off from everything else. Seeing the sun appear through the clouds every now and again also gave me a chance to take in and appreciate another year around the sun!


My birthday being on the 1st is a really great way to kick start the month feeling happy and positive. It’s also just 3 months into the new year meaning any resolutions I haven’t got round to starting can hopefully begin as it’s not too late. So, that goes for any of you reading this too! 2016 is already going so fast and before we know it we’ll be complaining about how we didn’t do as much as we would have liked… and probably go on to do the exact same thing in 2017.

I hate to end on a morbid note but you seriously don’t know how many more years you’re going to get – so why not just make the most of them and appreciate each year you successfully travel around the sun, I know I will.

Let me know how you celebrate your birthday and what you want to get done in this next year, thanks for reading!

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

Hello to anyone who may be reading this, whether you’ve just stumbled across this website or heard about it directly, thank you for even reading to the end of this sentence.

I won’t bore you all with my life story, so feel free to read the about page if you want a bit of an insight!

With the help of Jacob Whitmore this site has been created to help motivate people who maybe unsure of what they’re doing or how to start doing something. Whether it be travelling the world, learning an instrument, getting active or simply picking up a book. Hopefully just by checking out my content every now and again something might interest you, captive you and ultimately inspire you to stop standing still. Through creating blog posts I want to also share insights into my life; things I like, things I want to do and things I’ve already done. This could also include product reviews, weekly playlists and general tips.

At age 18 my experiences may appear limited to the majority, but this isn’t something I want to let restrict me. I’m beginning to embark on dreams and ambitions that just a few months back I didn’t even realise I had, but everyone has to start somewhere – and what a great starting point this is going to be.

My aspiration through this website is for it to ultimately become a successful travel and lifestyle blog and eventually for it to become a brand through the use of an online store, which hopefully will be up and running within a few months if the site takes off. I have also set up a few social media pages for InstagramTwitter and Facebook so feel free to check those out and give them a follow!

Screenshot 2016-02-15 10.54.00Screenshot 2016-02-15 11.00.24Screenshot 2016-02-15 11.04.01

My main inspiration that has ultimately led to me writing this post and creating this site came from a woman called Shonda Rhimes, for those of you who may not be familiar (where have you been?) she created the shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, and last year she published the book Year Of Yes . Her book is all about how she stepped out of her comfort zone and begun saying yes to whatever was thrown her way, rather than declining opportunities that could have truly transformed her.

What significantly stuck out to me was the page “Ditch the dream. Be a doer. Not a dreamer”. Reading this at first glance you may think, similar to my first thoughts, why would you ditch a dream? But reading on I soon begun to realise how this could change my life. “You just have to keep moving forward. You just have to keep doing something, seizing the next opportunity, staying open to trying something new. It doesn’t have to fit your perfect vision of the perfect life.”

Not yet inspired? Just wait.

“You don’t have a job? Get one. ANY JOB. Don’t sit at home waiting for the magical dream opportunity. Who are you? Prince William? No. Get a job. Work. Do until you can do something else.” This is what stuck out to me the most. After leaving college I genuinely had no idea what direction I wanted my life to go in, I wasn’t in work and I was terrified of applying for jobs that I didn’t think were what I wanted to do. But this made me realise, if I put my life on hold by waiting for the dream job I’ll probably be unemployed for the rest of my life. It’s not about perfection, it’s about determination. If you want to get a job then it’s simple, go get one. You never know where it’ll take you. I opened my laptop, went on a job search and now here I am.

I can’t wait to see what time is going to bring for this site and I hope you’ll all stick around. If you have any feedback, questions or general comments then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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