How to Push Yourself to Produce Results

We all want results. Every single one of us is working towards something, whether consciously or subconsciously and no matter how small or big, there is something that we are wanting to achieve. But more often than not it's easier said than done. Envisioning the...

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Another Year Around the Sun

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, known to some as just the start of another month but to me - my birthday! My 19th year around the sun. I'm constantly amazed at how fast each year goes and I can't quite wrap my head around the fact it's my last year as a teenager, so I'm...

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Strive for Success

Success comes in many forms and whether we're willing to admit it or not, we all strive to have it. Some may associate it with having a multi-million earning career or winning a gold medal in the Olympics, but the underlining truth is that it's so much broader than...

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Tips to Tackle Procrastination

We all have those moments where our minds go completely blank and we can't find any motivation to get done what we actually need to get done. Breaking out of it can be tough because more often than not I end up procrastinating finding ways to stop procrastinating....

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Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

Hello to anyone who may be reading this, whether you've just stumbled across this website or heard about it directly, thank you for even reading to the end of this sentence. I won't bore you all with my life story, so feel free to read the about page if you want a bit...

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