I’m With Amber

(TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE) I'm With Amber because victims shouldn't be afraid to speak up. I'm With Amber because victims shouldn't be assumed to be liars. I'm With Amber because no case of abuse should ever be justified or defended. I'm With Amber because our support...

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Are You Supporting the Race for Life?

The Race for Life is a UK event undertaken by women all across the country, raising money for Cancer Research to help fund the fight for a cure for cancer. To this date, over £547 million has been raised for the charity through the Race for Life and this number is...

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Should We Believe Everything That We Read?

The internet is the go-to source of information for most of us today, with social media being at the forefront. Although it can be a great way to stay up to date with all the latest news and information, it isn't always the most trustworthy source and more often than...

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