Tomorrow is the 1st of March, known to some as just the start of another month but to me – my birthday! My 19th year around the sun. I’m constantly amazed at how fast each year goes and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact it’s my last year as a teenager, so I’m going to make it my aim to thoroughly enjoy and make the most of each day to the best of my ability.

So much has happened in just this past year and I hope those who are reading this can look back and say the same too. If not, then starting from now why don’t you set yourself some goals so you can see what you’ve achieved, what was unexpected and what didn’t work out a year from now. That way, you know you’re working towards something and you can push yourself to succeed (something I wrote about just last week!).

Personally, there’s so much I’d love to go and do and my bucket list seems to be getting longer by the second, but I truly can’t wait to see how this website is going to be doing a year from now!

I’ve never really been a massive birthday enthusiast or celebrator but I still do love going out and doing something to mark the occasion. However it’s always a pain when it falls on a weekday, so yesterday I went on a walk through the Derbyshire countryside near to where I live and despite the freezing cold weather it was a lovely day out and a great place to be able to switch off from everything else. Seeing the sun appear through the clouds every now and again also gave me a chance to take in and appreciate another year around the sun!


My birthday being on the 1st is a really great way to kick start the month feeling happy and positive. It’s also just 3 months into the new year meaning any resolutions I haven’t got round to starting can hopefully begin as it’s not too late. So, that goes for any of you reading this too! 2016 is already going so fast and before we know it we’ll be complaining about how we didn’t do as much as we would have liked… and probably go on to do the exact same thing in 2017.

I hate to end on a morbid note but you seriously don’t know how many more years you’re going to get – so why not just make the most of them and appreciate each year you successfully travel around the sun, I know I will.

Let me know how you celebrate your birthday and what you want to get done in this next year, thanks for reading!

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